♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥

on January 19, 2013





Week 2


It has been really cold around here lately. I am a person who really does not appreciate being cold. Running these in the winter makes me happy. The fireplace on the left is real. At one time it was used to heat this house with coal but now we burn either wood or fire logs in it. The other is an electric stove my husband bought for me. I know many people think electric stoves are cheesy but mine makes me happy. It is cute, it actually does a pretty good job of taking the chill out of the room, and my husband bought it.♥



When I went to purchase these flowers my granddaughter came to the store with me. She picked out these flowers and carried them all through the store and even held the bag in the car. Buying these flowers made her just as happy as it did me. They have cheered me up after work everyday this week.



I like the products from Bath and Body Works but hardly ever purchase anything from there. First it is kind of pricey, but also I feel overwhelmed when I go in there and never know what scent to choose. I received this lotion as a gift from a friend. She did an awesome job because I had never even heard of this scent but I love it! It has been making me extremely happy to use every morning and night this week.



This photo made me laugh. I am not making a political statement here. I saw this last week hanging outside a student’s dorm room when I helped my youngest move into her room at school. I thought it was funny that the student took the time to cut out this santa suit and that it actually looked a pretty good fit. I have to admit I could not help but wonder if the student was a young republican in support of President Reagan or some other affiliation having a laugh at his expense. I will never know but she was successful at making me smile.

Looking forward to a long weekend.That definitely makes me happy.♥


2 responses to “♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥

  1. Bill says:

    Wish I got a long weekend!

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