Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

on January 22, 2013



For Wendell!!

Do you eat eggs? What is your favorite way to serve them?

I do eat eggs. My favorite way to serve them is scrambled. My second favorite way is probably soft boiled. I like them anyway except when the yolk is really runny. I do not like that at all it has to be soft cooked for me.

Do you have a favorite item that you really like having around? (a pillow, a chair, a sweater, a teddy bear, etc.)

I am not attached to many items. The only item I am really conscientious about having with me  is  a wedding ring. That is about it.

Is most of the furniture in your home dark wood, light wood, painted, lacquered, or distressed?

I have 2 rooms with dark wood (cherry in the living room and black walnut in the dining room) and 3 rooms with medium oak (family room, kitchen, and master bedroom).

Please fill in the rest of this sentence. “I could write a book about____________.”

“I could write a book about why marrying my husband when I was 19 was the best decision I ever made.”

If money and calendar/family obligations weren’t an issue, would you prefer to spend next weekend at a Bed and Breakfast, a posh hotel, a cabin in the woods, or on a sailboat on a calm body of water? I guess the last thing, the sailboat, would have to be someplace warm. 🙂 (It’s 30+ degrees here.)

A posh hotel. I would prefer it to be in a foreign locale such as London or Rome. 🙂

Thanks Patrice for coming up with these questions. That was a lot of fun!!

P.S. It is cold here too. I just checked and right now the official temp is 1°. Think spring… 😉


14 responses to “Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

  1. Christy says:

    Wendell is going to love those carrots!! 🙂

  2. Madonna says:

    oh I thought it was cold here. I am glad we are at least 14 degrees. I never thought but I do carry my camera everywhere I go so that is probably mine item.

    • softie1 says:

      Hi Madonna, I checked and the high finally made it to 12 today. A real warm up, LOL. I can’t wait until this cold snap passes. Thanks for stopping over to visit my blog!

  3. patrice says:

    I agree with you- no runny eggs! I think London would be lovely today. Anywhere, please! It was 15 degrees when we woke up.

    • softie1 says:

      Yes, getting away would be so nice this time of year. That is one thing I hope to be able to do sometime whenever we actually get to retire is take a trip in the winter. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  4. No runny eggs for me either. Love the idea of London or Rome and a posh hotel would be heavenly.

  5. Lisa says:

    I agree about the runny yolk, yuck! But to each their own. I dream of travelling aboard someday!

  6. The temps in my area have been in the negatives. I can’t wait for spring!

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