Guilty Pleasures

on February 2, 2013

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Trashy T.V. is another one of my guilty pleasures. If put on the spot to answer about their closet favorite television programs most people I know would tell me about some reality program. I hear people at work talk about American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars. I have heard parents talk about shows such as Honey Boo-boo. There is usually some apologetic justification made such as, ” I know this is just an awful waste of time but I just love to watch Duck Dynasty.” Those shows hold no attraction for me. I never watch them. Yet, that does not mean I never watch frivolous television. When I heard about the reboot of Dallas last season I was intrigued.

I watched the entire first series of Dallas from 1978-1991. I went through a lot of change and growth during that time period but still remained glued to the television mostly every Friday night. Some of those years were taped on an old-fashioned VCR and then watched when I had the time. I was in Junior High when the show first started and only started to watch it because my Mom was watching it. We only had one t.v. back in those days ( and yes we did have to get up to change the channel, lol). My mom liked stories that had drama whether in the form of television, movies, or books. This is something that definitely was passed along to me. I do watch or read other genres but no doubt my favorite books, shows, and films all include, romance, drama, or comedy. When I married and moved into our own place. I continued to watch. My husband has never been a fan and does not watch consistently but he is around enough to identify the characters and seems to get a good chuckle out of making fun of the characters and plots. I act like I am outraged by his ribbing and mocking but I know it is all in fun and that of course many of the plots are ridiculous. That does not matter to me. These shows are for pure enjoyment and I can suspend logic for them just as  a science fiction fan can for his/her beloved medium.

So last summer, of course, I excitedly awaited the first new Dallas episode in 20 years. I cleared the calendar and watched the 2 hour premiere. I was impressed at how well they blended the old characters and the new. The new show stayed true to the history of the original. In all honesty, I felt that John Ross and Christopher should have been played by actors that were older. Within a short time I moved past that and became engaged with these actors. I was pleased with the storyline and enjoyed the entire season. I looked forward to season two and marked the new date on the calendar. (Nerdy I know, but the memory is not what it used to be.) Then I was saddened to hear about the death of Larry Hagman. What a wonderful actor. Of course he is the one and only J.R. Ewing. Absolutely could never be replaced on the series. Yet, that did not dissuade me from watching. On Monday night I stayed up past my usual work night bedtime and watched the season two 2 hour premiere. Again, I enjoyed every minute of it. Will the series be able to continue without Hagman’s J.R.? I am not sure. I do know I will be watching to see how it unfolds. I have hope that they might be able to figure out a way to set up the storyline to be successful. Time will tell. If you are interested tune in to T.N.T. Monday night at 8p.m. It might be an hour of your time wasted, if you tell a friend you may feel guilty about it, but while you are watching I bet you will enjoy every minute of it. 😉

“Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings.”~Euripides


2 responses to “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Carol says:

    Hi, thanks for your message. I did email your yahoo addy a few days ago but I must have ended up as spam! I’ve just re-sent it so hopefully we will be ‘chatting’ soon
    Carol xx

    • softie1 says:

      Hi Carol, I am so sorry I have been checking that email and did not find a thing! I will check the spam folder and I will email you back. Thanks for letting me know. Talk to you soon!

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