Sunday Night Chit Chat

on February 10, 2013

Wow Sunday night always come so fast. I can not really complain another nice weekend was had by all here. Saturday we went out to eat a Chinese dinner with our 2 daughters, our granddaughter,  future son-in-law, and his son. I only wish our son would have been able to come to town to join us but maybe another time. We had a nice time and ate a lot of yummy food!

IMG_2185   IMG_2186   IMG_2187

IMG_2188   IMG_2189

I really like the food at this restaurant. I have the wonton soup every time. Their broth is outstanding. I love almond cookies too. I eat my fortune cookie for the fun of reading the silly fortune but I look forward to the almond cookie.

This morning our youngest daughter headed back to college. I did the laundry and a few other chores. My husband went out to work with his brother for a bit. When he came home we looked at some real estate listings on the internet and ate some dinner. We are not looking to move but my husband had driven past a house in our neighborhood for sale and we wanted to see the photos of the interior. We both enjoy looking at these type of photos. Sometimes you can see some interesting things. I made chicken soup for dinner and we both enjoyed it.


We might watch some t.v. this evening if we can find anything to watch. Its been rainy and windy here today. We thought about going out for a bit but have decided we would rather stay in and avoid that damp cold until we have to head out in the morning.  Tomorrow my oldest daughter starts her new job so my granddaughter will be dropped off here early to stay with me and be dropped off at her school on my way to work. It will be nice to see her off each morning.

Ok now for the chit-chat:

What are you….

  • Reading Nothing new at all still Miriam’s Heart
  • Watching I watched Be My Valentine on the Hallmark Channel last night. I liked the story. My husband is a firefighter /paramedic ( he has been for 26 years) so of course I always have a soft spot for a love story with a firefighter in it. 🙂
  • Listening to My husband watching a program about the American Revolution.
  • Baking/Cooking The only thing I cooked this weekend was the chicken soup. I have plans to make some M&M blondies for Valentines day this week too.
  • Happy you accomplished this week I am glad to have that yearly eye exam behind me. I had been on a one year recall for the last 3 years because my eye pressure was a little elevated. Well for the last 2 visits it has been normal so they have recommended a 2 year recall appointment this time. Yay! I am happy about that.
  • Looking forward to next week A Valentines luncheon we will be having at my work. Tomorrow after work I plan to do some shopping for a blog swap I am participating in. I have been partnered with a blogger that I had never followed before. We have communicated by email and she seems like a lovely lady. I am excited to be going out to find some things that I have in mind that I think she will really like. At least I really hope she likes them.
  • Thankful for today I am thankful that I was able to spend time with my daughters this weekend and they both seem happy right now which is my greatest wish for them to be healthy and happy. I am also thankful when my husband has the whole weekend to spend at home like he did this weekend!
  • Bonus question: Are you musically gifted/talented? Do you play any instruments? Sing? Ha, Ha, ha. My family would laugh if they read this! I am not musically inclined at all. Seriously, tone-deaf. The only time I ever sing is in the car occasionally to my favorite country songs. All of my children can play an instrument and read music. My husband and my kids sing well. I definitely missed the boat when the musical gifts were handed out.

8 responses to “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. Carla says:

    Mmmmm!! Your meal out looks delicious! Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 Will you share your M&M blondie recipe? My family would love them I’m sure!!
    Ps – I think we were on the same boat when musical talent was handed out… 😉 lol!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Oh, the food looks lovely & how wonderful to spend time with most of the family!
    Very good news about your eye exam – you must be very relieved! Kirsten x

    • softie1 says:

      It was a really nice time and the yummy meal was a bonus! I think that eye pressure was hopefully a fluke because two exams since have shown it to be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed on that anyways but I sure am glad they gave me the 2 year timeline. I will take what I can get. 😉

  3. Anne says:

    Your chicken soup looks wonderful, Softie. :o)

  4. Mmm! Chinese food is lovely!
    I have come to say a great big THANK YOU!!! Your tea swap parcel came and I have had a brilliant time unpacking and enjoying!
    You picked all the stuff that was right up my street! Like you knew my favourite things! Thank you so much for such thoughtfulness. I posted about it at my regular blog

    • softie1 says:

      Thank you Jem. It was so fun to pick all of the things out. I do hope you enjoy them. I wish that customs label would not have spoiled your surprise but they were insistent I write some thing on it. Thank you for stopping by here and I have checked out your blog too. Have a great week.

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