Guilty Pleasures

on February 13, 2013

Well just a quick update…last night with my husband home was a much better night. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and had a terrific night’s sleep. I felt much better when my alarm rang this morning. Thank you to all of you that sent me your Best Wishes for a good night’s rest. 

“Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings.”~Euripides

Yesterday when I was so tired I was really looking forward to the end of the day and being able to just go home and relax.Well one of the first things I always do when I get home from work is change my clothes. Yesterday when I was answering Patrice’s questions I was inspired to write this post. She asked about what I would wear to an event that was not totally casual. Well for me those events are not something I generally look forward to attending. I really am a pretty casual person and I do not enjoy dressing up very much.

The more I thought about it I tend to categorize my wardrobe into uniforms of a sort. For work I can not wear jeans. So I have a simplified “uniform” of sorts I rely on. Monday through Friday I wear khaki or black dress pants. In the winter I top this with either a turtleneck or a sweater. ( Accessorized of course. You can do a lot with the right necklace or scarf, LOL.) In the spring or summer I just switch to a short-sleeved blouse or sweater. I am pretty predictable around the office but, really never inappropriately dressed.

As soon as I get home I switch into my version of a relaxation “uniform.” If my son reads this he will cringe. He is not a fan of this look. Here it is:


Pretty much every day I will wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants the minute I get home. (In the warmer weather it is usually a t-shirt and a casual pair of capri pants) In all fairness I rarely go out once I come home for the evening. If I have errands to do I will usually do them right after work and I am still presentable in my work clothing. If it is the weekend and I have something planned I will wear blue jeans and a shirt but if I am staying around the house you guessed it I head straight for the comfy clothes. Now it is not actually the same outfit. I have several pairs of fleece pants and sweatshirts but you get the general idea. Too me a fleece outfit equals all-purpose comfort. To some, such as my son, it equals slovenly. Luckily, for me my husband is not particular about this and it does not bother him at all. I imagine I would not have been the right one for him if he had wanted a woman who loved to “dress up” and go out for a fancy evening on the town.

As a student I wore a uniform everyday from first through twelfth grade. I was never one of those girls who complained about my uniform. I had the same system back in those days but I did not come up with it.  My Mom always insisted once you come home from school change out of your uniform and put on what she called  “play clothes.” In those days it was mostly jeans and sweatshirts but I think that is where my mindset developed.

I really do feel more relaxed in my comfy clothes. This makes me happy. I know it is nerdy and not the most attractive outfit but it is most definitely my favorite outfit to wear.


8 responses to “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Oh, that looks really comfy! Good for you for wearing something you feel good in once you get home. I often do something quite similar – I usually wear jeans etc but when my fleecy trousers come out, it definitely means that I am ready for some comfort. Kirsten x

    • softie1 says:

      I am glad to know you enjoy the comforts of fleece too. I am a definite homebody and my comfy wardrobe is just one more thing that makes me love my at home time.

  2. Anne says:

    I was the same at school – I didn’t mind the uniform because it meant we didn’t have to think about what to wear. Nowadays I’m in trousers most days but, after our evening meal, I’m into my comfy clothes as soon as I can. :o)

    • softie1 says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I loved that no qualms about what to wear feeling everyday I had with the uniform. I often find myself thinking the folks in the medical field are lucky that they never have to wear anything but scrubs to work everyday!

  3. ~Carla~ says:

    I totally agree… when i’m out I wear “real” clothes, but when i’m home, it’s ALL about comfort & warmth! lol!!

  4. Moonwaves says:

    You’re definitely not alone. In fact this was one of those blogposts where I found myself wondering if I’d been sleep-blogging about myself on someone else’s blog. 🙂

    My work “uniform” consists of a good pair of black trousers and five shirts, all from the same place, most of the them the same cut but just different colours. It all gets washed at the weekend, ironed and ready to go for the next week. In cold winter, I wear a short-sleeved t-shirt under the shirt and leggings or long underwear under the trousers. For summer, I have a couple of lighter shirts as well. The first thing I do when I get home is to change into comfy – usually tracksuit bottoms or some other ‘soft’ and elasticated waist trousers with a t-shirt and a fleece. And slippers.

    We always had to change our school uniform as soon as we got home (and hang it up properly, too!) – as a teenager I even found it really irritating when I’d see other girls from school still in their uniform in the evenings (I worked in my dad’s garage so often saw people from the neighbourhood hanging around in the evenings). Couldn’t understand why they’d pull their tie down, roll their skirt up etc., etc. in an effort to get comfortable (‘cos when you’re wearing green and yellow, it’s never going to be about making yourself look better) when they could have just changed. Still, it takes all kinds, I suppose.

    Your son needs to still learn the difference between “clean and tidy but comfy” and “slovenly” it seems. LOL

    • softie1 says:

      Moonwaves thank you! You did a great job of completely expressing my feelings! We certainly do seem to share a similar experience. Interestingly my school uniform was green the same as yours! You are right that is something my boy has yet to learn I think. He needs to find the right girl. The right one will be able to teach him it is not all about the “look.” Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

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