Sunday Night Chit Chat

on March 3, 2013



What are you…

Reading: This weekend I have read three magazines. All You, Midwest Living, and Country Woman.

Watching: My husband and I went on our date night last night. For part of the evening we went and saw the movie Identity Thief. It was rated R so we knew to expect some adult content. It was there in the form of the typical over use of profanity and some sexual situations. Most of the time this will totally ruin the movie for me. I have to say though there was enough other humor in this movie to keep me entertained. We both actually really enjoyed the movie. Jason Bateman is the perfect straight man, Melissa McCarthy is really funny, and they worked well together. Hopefully, this will not give too much away but it had a happy ending and I love that in a movie.

Listening to: In the background right now I hear my granddaughter watching a cartoon and my husband watching NASCAR. I did spend a fair amount of time today listening to country music on Jango.

Baking/Cooking: Yesterday I made chicken and rice soup. Today I made some chocolate pudding to have for dessert.( See photo above) We had take out fried chicken for dinner .

Happy you accomplished this week: I have been practicing my knitting. I am feeling much more comfortable with casting on and the knit stitch. I have been using the same yarn and just casting on a bunch of stitches, knitting for a few rows, and then ripping it out and starting it over. I think I am about ready to start a simple dishcloth or something.

Looking forward to next week: We are having my husband’s sister and her husband over for dinner and game night next Saturday. We usually have a lot of fun together so I always look forward to seeing them.

Thankful for today: Another nice weekend. Some fun time with my husband yesterday and some much-needed relaxing down time today.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever left the house in your pj’s? Yes. I often let my dog out in the back of my house in my pj’s with either a robe or a coat over them. (It is dark at the time, lol) I also have gone out to pick up one of my kids in the middle of the night once when they needed an unexpected ride. My pajamas are usually almost always flannel or cotton pants with either a long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt. They are never anything revealing.

Have a relaxing evening. I hope you have a terrific week!!


6 responses to “Sunday Night Chit Chat

  1. Kirsten says:

    Your date night sounds like it was good fun! And well done on improving so much with your knitting. Have a good start to your week! Kirsten x

  2. ~Carla~ says:

    I think that movie looked funny as well… it didn’t “rave reviews”, but I love Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy is pretty funny herself, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 My pj’s are the same as yours.. always flannel or cotton pants and either a long or short sleeved tshirt.. i’m all about comfort and warmth! lol!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Another interesting chat! The movie sounds good. I’m glad you had a nice date!

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