Sunday Night Chit Chat





I asked my kids to sit down for a photo since they were all home together for the holiday. I popped in for the second one. My husband had to work and my granddaughter was visiting with the other side of her family. My kids and I had dinner with my husband’s family and then we came home and played some games before my oldest two had to head home. It was wonderful having them all at home for the holiday. They did a very nice job of visiting with me but I can not resist showing what else they were doing.



Technology is fun and convenient but for those of us that did not always have it in our lives scenes like this sometimes just make us laugh!

Ok on to Sunday Night Chit Chat:

Reading: This was a pretty busy weekend. The only thing I have had time to read were some of my favorite blogs.

Watching: On Friday I watched a little bit of General Hospital. There is a marathon this weekend due to the 50th anniversary. I would have liked to watch more of the old episodes but I did not have the time.

Listening to: My daughter and the dog are asleep. The house is quiet except for the ticking of the cuckoo clock.

Baking/Cooking: I made a big green salad to take to our Easter dinner. I helped my daughter make some deviled eggs that we brought too.

Happy you accomplished this week: A lovely dinner out with friends for my good friend’s husband’s birthday. It was great company and a great meal.

Looking forward to next week: My husband and I are chaperoning a trip this week. We leave tomorrow and I am looking forward to going.

Thankful for today: Time with my lovely family!

Bonus Question: Do you wear slippers around the house? All the time. In the winter it is socks and slippers, and in the summer just slippers. I am rarely hot so the slippers do not bother me in the heat and I do not like the feeling of walking around barefoot.



Thanks Carla. I enjoyed Chit Chatting again this week.


Saturday Smile

My husband sent this YouTube video to me. I think it is pretty funny so I thought I would share it. Happy Saturday. 🙂


♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥

Week 12

IMG_2356     IMG_2358


IMG_2359    IMG_2376

IMG_2364    IMG_2374

This week’s happy:

My favorite guy making a huge breakfast for us.

Making my daughter’s favorite chili in preparation of ours kid’s homecoming this weekend.

Easter candy put out for my family and Easter pictures colored for me by my granddaughter.

The annual Easter egg coloring.

The weekend has started for us. There will be lots of fun, family , and food. I wish the same for you and yours this weekend. 


Chats on the Farmhouse Porch


“What kinds of seafood have you tried and liked? What is the most unique seafood you’ve eaten?

I am allergic to shellfish so I have not eaten seafood in a long, long, time.


“An unforgettable holiday moment is_____________________. (She’s on the other side of that BIG pond. I believe a holiday is a vacation on this side. )

When our kids were little we took them on a camping trip. We were camping in a state park in Florida. One morning I took my girls, who were 11 and 6 years old at the time, to shower in the ladies shower house. Much to my utter disbelief, while my daughters and I were in mid shower a couple came in to the shower house, stripped nude, and proceeded to have an “intimate” shower experience in the shower right next to us. It is not like they thought they were alone. My girls were little, obviously they were chatting away and not silent. I never moved so quickly in a shower before! I rinsed and hustled those girls out of there as fast as possible. That really made me reluctant to shower in a public bath house after that. In fact ever since then never have we showered in one without my husband right outside at the ready in case any other situation should arise where a man decided to enter the shower house.


“When was the last time you tried something new?”

In January when I decided to create my own blog.


“Who or what inspires you?”

I often have the privilege of working with  children that have cognitive disabilities. The amount of effort they put into things that average children often just take for granted or do not even bother to put any efforts towards never ceases to inspire me.


” How did you chose the names of your children. Wendell adds,”If you don’t have kids, how do you choose pet names?”

For our oldest daughter I picked out a few names that I liked and my husband chose the one he liked best from those. We chose to use his Grandmother’s name for her middle name. My husband really wanted our son to have his first name and we chose to use my brother’s name for his middle name. (My brother introduced my husband and I.) For our youngest daughter we were having an awful time coming up with a name we both liked. Whatever I liked he didn’t and vice versa. Then one evening we were watching television and one of the characters had her name. I said you know that is a pretty name. Then my husband said “you know what I was just thinking that.” We decided then and there that was the name. I chose a middle name that I really liked and I thought sounded harmonious with her first name. My husband agreed and for a long time we called her by both names. Of all our children still to this day, our youngest is the one who is most apt to use her middle name even when it is not a requirement.


For those of you that are curious, as much as it may be embarrassing to admit this, the television program was The Simpsons. 🙂 

Thank you Patrice for hosting another fun chat.


Sunday Night Chit Chat



What are you:

Close to Famous. It is young adult fiction. Sometimes kids I work with recommend books they are reading and then it is fun to talk with them about the books after I read them. This is a cute one so far.


The movie I had wanted to see this weekend was no longer at the theater locally. So, the only thing I have watched was an episode of Nova with my husband and 2 episodes of Too Cute on Animal Planet.

Listening to

My husband playing Hill Climb on his iPad.


Tonight I made rotini with meat sauce and broccoli and carrots with garlic for dinner.

Happy you accomplished this week

All the laundry, helped my husband get the chassis recertified, and colored my hair.

Looking forward to next week

It is a short week at work this week and all my kids will be coming home for the Easter holiday next weekend.

Thankful for today

This very nice weekend with my husband. Above are some photos from yesterday. There was some work to get the car loaded and unloaded, there was a bit of waiting for the technical inspectors, and some “jabber jawing” for the hubs. He treated me to a nice meal after for being a good sport helping out with the whole process. This morning we slept in and had a slow relaxing Sunday. We each cooked a meal and shared the clean up. I have finished the laundry and we have just hung out. It has been lovely. Just what I was hoping for this weekend. 🙂

Bonus question: What is your absolute favorite dessert?

Well, there are very few desserts that I don’t like…but Tiramisu is one of my favorites. Coconut cake and pie are also two of my favorites. It is so hard to choose just one. 🙂

If you want to join in with Sunday Night Chit Chat head over to Half-Dozen Daily to post your link. Thanks Carla!


♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥

Week 11











This Week’s Dose of Happy:

I went out shopping with my oldest and my granddaughter. I saw these cute little bunny flowers with the bouquets and the Easter lilies. I had to get one. I decided that they were cute enough that I bought one to give to my mother-in-law too. I hope it brightens her day.

A quiet evening relaxing at home with a cup of tea. I really appreciated one of those nights this week. For some reason lately, it seems like the evenings are passing too quickly with things to do and I was really feeling the need for some down time. I felt much better the next day. For an introvert like me those quiet times are a clear necessity.

I went to my favorite little local family restaurant again this week. Not only do they have fabulous pies but I also love their soups. This one was terrific as usual and I enjoyed it very much.

My fourth item of happy  this week again does not include a photo. My husband has both days off this weekend. My husband and his brother own a dragster that they work on and race in the summertime. Today they need to get something on the chassis recertified. Naturally, since we live in a rural area that is not close to much of anything, the car needs to be loaded up on the trailer and we need to drive an hour and a half to an appointment to get the recertification. I am going to ride along with my husband to get this done. Of course he likes to have me around to utilize as his “go – fer.” That is fine by me. I like being able to take these little road trips with him. Most especially when it is just the two of us. Aside, from the dreaded laundry, the rest of the weekend is unplanned. 🙂 We may even sneak a movie in there somewhere. I am really looking forward to these relaxing two days.

The last two bonus shots are specifically posted because they reminded me of some folks. The first photo is for Anne. I love purple. It is my favorite color. Anne posted a photo of her new purple specs and I told her  that was something that we had that common. Here is a photo of my collection of purple glasses for her to see. 😉

The last photo is for Lisa and Kirsten. On the shopping trip with my daughter she was buying some things in the baking aisle to make cupcakes this weekend with the kids.I noticed this box cake mix . I have never seen a rainbow cake mix before but I thought of you girls instantly. You two baking extraordinaires do not need any cake mixes to get the job done. You are way ahead of the crowd! I thought you might enjoy the photo and know that they are charging $2.98 for the mix!

Well I am off to dry my hair and get ready to start on this weekend’s happy adventures. I hope you find lots of happy moments this weekend and emerge relaxed and refreshed come Monday morning. Have a Great Day!



Chats on the Farmhouse Porch


Did you grow up in a small town, or a big town? Did you like it?

Big town. It was good at the time. As I grew older and got married and had children I was ready for something different. So we packed up and moved the kids to small town U.S.A. I have no desire to ever live in a big city again. I would like to move to a different state and maybe a small town that has a bit of an easier drive to shopping and such. Maybe someday when we retire.


If you could pick one song to hear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I do not actually think I would want to listen to only one song for the rest of my life. I just have no idea what I would pick. I do not think I have a clear favorite.


What are your pet peeves?

People that lie, leaving messes around the house, crumbs left in the butter, jelly mixed in with the peanut butter or vice versa, excessive procrastination, people that do not do their job, children that are hungry or neglected … I think I am getting out of control here so I am going to stop. As you can see it is easy for me to nit pick or focus on the negative and I have been really choosing to focus on the happy things in life.


Do you remember your dreams? Are they in color or black and white? What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

I remember my dreams all the time. They are in color and they are vivid. Sometimes they are crazy, once in a while they are scary, but most of the time they are lovely and I do not even feel like waking up from them! One thing that is weird about my dreams is they often take place in two or three houses that I dream about a lot. I know these houses well because they repeatedly show up in my dreams. They feel so familiar like they are actual old houses I have lived in but in real life I have never been to any of these houses. My husband is in 99% of my dreams. I do not think he has much to worry about in my loyalty to him–even in my dreams, lol.

dream catcher

What is the perfect pair of shoes for you?

Running shoes by far. I would live in them all the time if I could get away with it. My boss frowns upon these looking professional. :/


Thanks Clarice for hosting another fun chat. 🙂


♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥

Week 10


IMG_2329     IMG_1943


Happy things this week:

Our corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick’s Day celebratory dinner. We had it on Friday night so my daughter and husband could both be here to enjoy it.

All of the delicious baking and cooking my daughter does when she is home on break!

Some sun and blue skies for a change! It is still way too cold but it is so nice to see and feel the sun once in a while!

I do not have any photos of the play from last night but that would be my fourth happy item this week. My daughter and I had a terrific time. I do not always enjoy driving into the city of Chicago but last night the drive went very easily. Also, I found surprisingly close, easy, and free street parking. The play was called The Garden of Secrets. It was a cute musical comedy. The premise was a group of crazy neighbors that live in a city apartment complex. All of the action happens out in the courtyard/garden of the building. The eclectic mix of characters in this apartment includes 3 core families. The Montagues, The Capulets, and the Zuckos. Yes, the Montagues and Capulets are supposed to be distant relations to the famed star-crossed lovers.  The Zuckos are supposed to be Danny and Sandy from Grease at middle age long married with two grown children Annette and Frankie. 😉 Mix in a trio of  elderly spinster sisters Rosie, Josie, and Flo (that the local realtor refers to as Batty, Catty, and Fatty,) a couple of crazy artists, a dancer, and a scientist and the result is one really funny clever story. It was not really a love story and no Romina Montague and Julian Capulet do not get together in this story. Annette Zucko and Julian Capulet do elope. That is just one small twist in the story. The real story revolves around two secret recipes that only work well when they actual combine them. The resulting cooperative effort and marketing campaign end up saving this apartment complex from foreclosure and keep this madcap mix of characters together with a really sweet happy ending. The jokes were funny, the songs were clever, and the ending was obviously a happy one. For me, that made this play quite enjoyable. After the play my daughter and I had a chance to visit with my husband’s brother and his wife and they treated us to some delicious Chicago pizza. It was a fun night.

Today I have started off the day slowly since last night was extra late for me. ( It is a 2 hour and 15 minute drive to Chicago from here so it was late when we got back home!) I have started laundry but I have a bunch more to do. Yesterday my daughter went with me to get some groceries before we went out so today I do not have to leave the house. I can just relax and finish up the few things that need to be done before work tomorrow. She is sleeping in late but then she has to leave to head back to school today. 😦 I will miss her again but this will only be for a short while. It will not be all that long before her semester ends in early May. I am keeping that in mind today.

Happy Sunday! Have a relaxing day and a great week!!


4 Happy Things

I have been quite busy this week with my daughter being home on break. I was so tired last night I could barely keep my eyes open at 9p.m.! It may be tiring me out but it has been good to have her around. 🙂

Back in January I joined the 4 Happy Things Swap that was being offered on the Bobo Bun blog to celebrate the 4 year blogiversary of this cute blog. Lisa (Mrs. Bun) matched me with Carol from Smile at the Flowers. Lisa did a fabulous job! I really have enjoyed getting to know Carol (we have been emailing back and forth) and have found her blog to be filled with crochet and garden goodness.

On Tuesday I received my swap package from Carol and was overwhelmed by her generosity. It was as if Carol has known me for a long time because her gifts were very well-chosen. I took photos because I could not resist sharing my happiness.

The package arrived wrapped in brown paper.


There was much suspense as I unwrapped it.


Followed by this:



and then this..


I read her very lovely note and then followed her directions to open the parcels. To reveal so many wonderful surprises! I am sure you see what I mean about her generosity. She went above and beyond 4 Happy Things.


Carol really did well at understanding my likes.  What a delicious assortment of sweet treats. I never even mentioned my love of all things black licorice and my family was so surprised that she happened to send me that very flavor. I have to say half of those delicious Blackjack chews have already been gobbled down by yours truly. 🙂 The antique cookbook and needlework magazine were very neat to read. The cookbook has many recipes that are classic with easy ingredients and clear instructions. I already have some in mind to try out. The hankie and handmade lavender scented heart are just lovely. I thought about hanging the heart on my bedpost but I decided to hang it on the china cabinet in the dining room because it was just much to pretty not to leave it out where it could be admired by others in the house. I love tea and I was really excited to receive 2 new to me teas to try out. The packaging on the tea is quite pretty too. I received a gorgeous handmade tea cosy. Carol is quite talented at crochet! It was so pretty I had to dig around in my teapots immediately to find one that it fit. I have included a photo of it in use on one of my teapots so Carol could see that it fits perfectly!


Thank you Carol!! Your gifts were lovely. It indeed has made me very happy to get to know you and to be your swap partner. I have subscribed to Carol’s blog and I really hope we can stay in touch.

I hope you are having a wonderful and happy week. 🙂



Chats on the Farmhouse Porch


Hello and Happy Tuesday to you! It is the first sunny day we have had here in at least 4 or 5 days. I would say most people I have spoken to around here seem a lot more upbeat today. I can sure feel it. I also am getting a much-needed hair trim tonight and I am really looking forward to that.

Ok on to Patrice’s questions for this week:

What’s your favorite movie of all times? The one you’ve seen multiple times.

I have so many favorites but number one is probably While You Were Sleeping. I can not even begin to estimate how many times I have watched it. I can never resist it if I flip past  it on tv. I have even watched it 2 days in a row before. I know that is weird. I have a few movies like that. I could just watch them repeatedly. I can not imagine that anyone reading this would not have already seen this movie, but in case you have not, I highly recommend you watch it. 🙂


Name three things that are permanent residents in your handbag or purse.

My wallet/change purse, glasses, and Kleenex tissues.


What’s the best way to your heart?

Willingness to spend time together, shared interests, and trustworthiness.


Do you like going to yard sales?

I don’t mind going to yard sales but I do not like having yard sales. That being said, I do not go to many yard sales. I am not opposed to going to them but I just rarely do it.


If you could slide down a rainbow, what do you think you’d find on the other side?

The pot of gold of course!! I would love that. I would not love to find myself in Oz “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that is for sure. I am not a Wizard of Oz fan. Of course when I grew up it was before VCR, DVD, and DVR. The Wizard of Oz was always on once a year and I knew tons of people who loved it and looked forward to it. I did not. I was about 10 before I could make it through the whole movie. I did not enjoy the wicked witch and in particular her flying monkey minions. They really freaked me out. Back in those days, I prefered my witches to be more like Glinda or Samantha, lol. Strangely enough I loved being a witch for Halloween, but I never had any flying monkeys accompany me for darn sure!


Thank you Patrice! If you would like to join into the Chat with Patrice pop over to Everyday Ruralty and check it out. Have a great Day. 🙂


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